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Città Del Gioco
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--- Welcome To Città Del Gioco
: This community has now been opened
: Any one is welcome to become a part of Città Del Gioco
: This IS a General Gaming Community

--- Città Del Gioco
: Città Del Gioco is a General Gaming Community now open to you at LiveJournal
: The community focuses on game consoles SNES Era to Present
: Città Del Gioco welcomes all gamers, all platforms, and all games.
--- Laws of Città Del Gioco
: Failure to follow the laws will result in immediate purging from the Community, with no appeal

: Console/Game Wars and Polls are allowed
: Discrimination of any other member will not be tolerated
: If you disagree with another member, you are permitted and even encouraged to voice that disagreement ... However, this must be done in a respectable manner ... This is the most important Law of Città Del Gioco ... If you break it, you will leave
: Do not hate other members because of what they like to play, and what they prefer
: You MUST use LJ-CUTS ... If you have any problems using LJ-CUTS, please contact a Maintainer

Città Del Gioco is currently looking for another maintainer interested in helping to maintain the Community ... Someone with HTML knowledged would be ideal
If you have any questions
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